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Recreational Adult/Youth comp

From: $35.00 inc. tax

Back to comp season!!! This time slot is dedicated to those interested in participating in a competition without having the extra pressure. Focus on enjoying a laid back atmosphere while trying the same routes that the qualifying for nationals is happening on. Its a great time to try “competing” for the first time, and even set a baseline for yourself that you can compare to in the upcoming seasons! Also you’re totally allowed to have spectators who can follow you around to cheer you on, and this is the best time for kids to participate!

Scramble format where you can climb around while being attentive, and making sure you won’t interfere with anyone else on the wall. Be sure to have at least one person watching you do the route correctly, and have them initial your score card. The top 6 routes from the 30 available will count towards your overall score!

Check-in time starts at 2pm

Technical meeting starts at 2:20pm

Climbing starts at 2:30pm-5pm