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National Qualifying 1st group

From: $45.00 inc. tax

The format will be the same as our previous competitions with a couple minor tweaks. It’s a scramble format on 30 routes that are spread out over 5 separate sections of 6 routes. Each section has it’s own judge that you need to hand your scorecard to, and wait for your turn. The 6 hardest routes from your scorecard are what counts towards your score that qualifies you for the finals round. The finals will consist of the top 6 women, and top 6 men who will have 4 minutes per route for 4 routes per gender. Person with the most tops or zone holds reached wins, and is one step closer to being qualified for nationals!

Check-in starts at 8am

Technical meeting starts at 8:20am

Climbing starts at 8:30am, and ends at 11am