Photo – Writeup

Derek – Owner/Operator – Derek’s love for the sport of climbing started 2 years ago, and drove him to open the first Fit Rocks location in Moncton. He’s passionate about spreading the sport of climbing to everyone!

Amanda – Owner/Operator – Amanda and Derek just had their third kid in March! Amanda has been eagerly waiting, and is finally getting back into climbing now! It’s all coming back fast!

Igor – Manager, Saint John – Igor started climbing just a month after Fit Rocks Moncton opened, and was instantly hooked. Spending all his free time at the gym, it wasn’t long before he started working there full time. Now he is the manager at the Saint John location. When he isn’t setting hard climbs at the gym, he’s outside projecting another boulder!

Christine – Staff, Saint John – Christine started climbing at Fit Rocks Moncton, and moved with Igor to work at the Saint John location. She’s super friendly and fun to be around, and is always working to improve her skills on the wall.

Tim – Staff, Moncton – Tim moved to Moncton from Yarmouth to start working at Fit Rocks and be closer to his family. He has certainly taken to the sport fast, having no trouble with most of the blue taped routes at the gym!

Brandon – Staff, Moncton – Brandon has been an all around amazing help at Fit Rocks since before the company opened. He’s helped with everything from planning the facility, setting routes, keeping the gym clean and professional, preparing holds, and working shifts. When he isn’t at Fit Rocks he’s usually outside running or biking!

Ethan – Staff, Moncton – Ethan is a summer employee at Fit Rocks Moncton. He’s saving money for schooling, and loves climbing! He’s always looking for creative ways to climb problems, and making up his own routes.

Ransen – Staff, Saint John – Ransen is a summer employee at Fit Rocks Saint John. He’s been on the team since the Saint John grand opening and has taken to the sport fast!

Route setters and Volunteers

Pierre – Moncton – Pierre has been setting with us since we opened, and is always the first to show up and the last to leave. He puts all of his effort and passion into the routes he sets, and it shows!

Travis – Moncton – Travis has been volunteering and setting for almost a year. He’s the jack of all trades guy at the gym, and has helped us countless times with small projects behind the scenes.

Ryley – Moncton – Ryley has quickly become one of the strongest climbers at the gym! He now volunteers his time helping us set new routes, and with small projects at the gym. He also sets a purple route every so often for him and a few other members to project.

Franca – Moncton – Franca has been setting with us ever since she moved back to Moncton. She’s always got an awesome attitude at set night, and has set some very creative problems – usually something to challenge the taller climbers!

Tyler – Moncton – Tyler was one of the first local climbers to see the facility and start setting routes at Fit Rocks. He’s famous for setting smaller holds and delicate hands and feet.

Luc – Moncton – Luc has been volunteering his time with route setting for a few months now. He’s usually helping forerun problems to get the grade just right, or setting some harder stuff on his own.

Brady – Moncton – Brady has been climbing at Fit Rocks since last year and seems to keep getting better every month. He’s dedicated and passionate about the sport, and is constantly pushing himself. He’s volunteered at the gym, cleaned holds, and set a few really creative problems.